Refresh Yourself For Your Family

We want the best for our family.  We work hard to provide clean clothes, homemade meals, and a clean home for our family.  We teach your kiddos at home so we know they are learning at their speed and what they need.  We take them to music lessons, dance classes and sports practice that they love.  We devote time to making our husbands feel loved and needed.  There is no question that we truly strive to give our family the best we can give them.

But that can be exhausting.  As much as we love doing all of this for them and watching their faces as they thrive – it’s can be exhausting at times.  A good exhausting (most of the time) but still exhausting.  How are we ever going to keep up that pace with out taking time to refresh – revive – ourselves?

Taking time for ourselves is a necessity.  Mamas, we need time to unwind and take that deep breathe.  Here are 5 ways you can help yourself take that deep breathe and refresh yourself for your family.

  • Morning Time With God:  Start your day off with the Lord.  I know what you’re going to say “but I’m not a morning person”.  I get it.  Neither am I.  But take it a step at a time and God will give you the strength to get up, put Him first and start your day.  Try just 10 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and talk with Him.  Ask Him to help you get up earlier and read His Word. Consider reading The Importance of Meditating by Rachael Carman and Keeping God As The Center of Your Life by Hodgepodge.
  • Daily Exercise Routine: This seems to be something we rarely talk about, but keeping active will truly help you feel refreshed and energized.  Fitting in just a 30 minute workout video, walk, jog, run, whatever you can do to get yourself moving will change your attitude.  It will change your view once those endorphins kick in.  If you’re looking for a fun planner to encourage you to get moving check out the Fitness & Weight Loss Planner by One Roll at a Time.
  • Coffee With Friends: Okay, so it doesn’t need to be “coffee” but just some girl time.  Time to be with your girlfriends and just have fun and be silly.  Maybe that’s dinner or lunch, an art class or movie.  But take some time to get away for a few hours and have fun.  Consider reading We NEED Relationships With Each Other and Mom Time by Rachael Carman
  • Weekly Women’s Bible Study: Digging in to God’s Word with other woman can be a blessing.  If you are able to do this on a weekly basis you will see this blessing each week as you grow and help each other dig even deeper.  We know we need to talk with God and we need to study His Word – why not devote weekly time to do this with other women?  Consider reading Bible Study – Being Teachable by Rachael Carman.
  • Christian Women’s Retreat: So we’re devoting our mornings to God, exercising on a regular basis to get the endorphins going, taking time to relax with our girlfriends, and studying God’s Word with them as well.  But we still need a little time away.  A few days where we are only responsible for getting ourselves up in the morning and taking a shower.  A shower that won’t be interrupted.  A few days to relax and clear your head.  That is what the Real Refreshment Retreats were created for – to help you refresh yourself to bring that “life” back to your family.

Join next week as we discuss Refreshing Yourself For Your Health.

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